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Computer imaging is a big step beyond just closing your eyes and imagining your cosmetic surgery results. Using a photograph or digital image, Dr. Windle and his staff can help you have a more accurate (and more realistic) understanding of what cosmetic surgery can do for you. Basically, computer imaging helps to enhance communication between you and your cosmetic surgeon--he will better understand the results you are looking for and you will better understand the results you can expect.

According to Dr. Windle, "computer imaging is most effective for facial procedures because it involves a relatively small area. Sometimes, we can also demonstrate how altering just one part of the face the way the patient initially describes may not provide the outcome they are looking for. For example, we can demonstrate how eyelid surgery will not eliminate crows feet or wrinkles under the eyes and that laser skin resurfacing should also be considered. Or, we can show how reducing the size or changing the shape of a patient's nose to a Hollywood ideal may really accentuate other less desirable features."

Although computer imaging is very useful, it should be considered only a tool. We caution that "we can never promise or guarantee the end result will be exactly the same as the digital image you saw on the computer screen.

A computer imaging session is included as part of your initial consultation for most cosmetic surgery procedures.