Case 3941

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Procedures Performed

  • Face

Case Details

  • Female
  • 45-54


Bellafill is one of the best fillers for under the eyes to fill in below the lower eyelid bags and the tear troughs where many people have loss. Doctors who do under eyelid fillers do not usually use Bellafill because they are concerned about the side effects, but the problems are often due to not using a cannula to inject the filler or die to inexperience. As can be seen in these Bellafill before and after fillers, very nice results can be achieved without surgery and because Bellafill will last for years there will be no need for this woman to keep coming back for a refill. That way Bellafill actually costs much less than other fillers over time. Bellafill was also placed in the smile lines and marionette lines. The laugh lines are a common place for providers to place dermal fillers and Bellafill may be the best filler for this area and the nasolabial folds. Again, these before and after smile line treatment photos show a very nice result that will last for years. Bellafill for the upper lip also helped soften the upper lip vertical lines. This patient was thrilled with her results and exclaimed that Bellafill is the best filler there is.

Seattle Plastic Surgeon Dr. Brian Windle
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