Facelift and Neck Lift

A facelift was what this woman wanted because she was tired of looking old. She had a facelift using a MACS facelift technique as well as an upper eyelid lift or blepharoplasty with a rapid...Click here for more details
“I look really tired, sad and just plain old” was what this 70-year-old woman told me when she came in to see what could be done. She and I decided that filler to correct the lower eyelid...Click here for more details
  Her husband says she looks 20 years younger after her Click here for more details
This 60 year old woman did not like the neck waddle that she developed over what seemed to be the last year or two. She was originally interested in a non-surgical thread lift or Instalift but...Click here for more details
This Seattle area woman wanted to look for refreshed. She did not like her heavy upper eyelids and her tired looking lower eyelid bags. She also did not like her sagging neck and jowls and the...Click here for more details
“I just want to look how I feel: younger than I look” is what...Click here for more details
This 50 year old woman from Bothell, WA was interested in facial rejuvenation and in particular a facelift. She was unsure what...Click here for more details
Droopy or saggy neck skin was just one of this woman\'s complaints. She elected to have a facelift in which a necklift was...Click here for more details
Neck lifts can make a big change. This woman did not like her appearance especially in photographs from the side. Her problem is essentially the neck. A liposuction procedure would not have...Click here for more details
Her upper eyes, neck and jowls were what really bothered her. She elected to have a facelift, an upper eyelid lift and Bellafill around her mouth to rejuvenate her looks. She says she does not ...Click here for more details
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