Facelift and Neck Lift

Her upper eyes, neck and jowls were what really bothered her. She elected to have a facelift, an upper eyelid lift and Bellafill around her mouth to rejuvenate her looks. She says she does not ...Click here for more details
Droopy or saggy neck skin was just one of this woman\'s complaints. She elected to have a facelift in which a necklift was...Click here for more details
This woman did not like her neck and jowls. She elected to have a limited access or short scar facelift to improve the look of her neck and jowl areas. An upper eyelid tuck or Click here for more details
73 year old woman had a facelift 10 years earlier but she has redeveloped her neck bands, jowls and excess skin of her neck. She was interested in a thread lift or Click here for more details
This 48 year old woman did not like her neck and jowls. She felt that she looked older than she felt when she saw herself in a video conference. She was interested in mini neck lift surgery. ...Click here for more details
This 73 year old woman did not like her neck and the aging she saw in her smile lines or marionette lines and nasolabial folds. She had a lower face lift or neck lift using a MACS or Minimal...Click here for more details
A neck lift to deal with the extra skin and wrinkles of her neck was this 58 year old woman’s goal. She was extremely...Click here for more details
A neck lift with a bit of a facelift plus upper eyelid lift or blepharoplasty was the surgical part of this 56 year old woman’s rejuvenation. Bellafill in the lower eyelid hollows to fill in...Click here for more details
A neck lift was the only option the 57 year old would consider to help her neck. She was offered short term alternatives like an Instalift or PDO thread lifts but she was opposed to short term...Click here for more details
This woman would have preferred to have a neck lift without surgery, but, to date, there are no longer term non-surgical solutions to the aging neck or loose skin of the neck that bothers many...Click here for more details
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