Case 3828

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Procedures Performed

  • Facelift and Neck Lift

Case Details

  • Female
  • 65-74


“I just want to look how I feel: younger than I look” is what his woman said. She is seen here one month after: • A MACS lower facelift. This is essentially a mini face lift that deals with the neck but anchors the tissue to the facial skeleton or cheek bone (zygomatic arch) so that it has much better longevity than a skin only facelift like a true mini facelift or mini neck lift sometimes called a Quick Lift or LifeStyle lift. Done under conscious sedation and local anesthesia, the lower MACS facelift or neck lift has minimal bruising and swelling so that the recovery is very rapid. Within a few days to a week most bruising has gone and you can go back to your normal lifestyle. • Permanent Filler or Bellafill to fill in her lower lids and cheeks. Bellafill was also used to fill her upper and lower lips. Among the lip fillers, Bellafill is the best. It is the only permanent lip filler. Lip injections do not generally last that long but Bellafill is a permanent lip filler. There are many other Bellafill lip injections before and after photos here. • An upper eyelid lift or blepharoplasty. Upper eyelid surgery is very simple and has a minimal recovery time.  

Seattle Plastic Surgeon Dr. Brian Windle
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