Case 5111

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Procedures Performed

  • Facelift and Neck Lift

Case Details

  • Female
  • 55-64


At 63 this woman had been considering a facelift or a neck lift for some time. She was worried that her face lift result would look unnatural and that the recovery from a face litft would take a lot of time away. She had a laser facelift a number of years ago but found that it did not last and was not that effective. She investigated a number of facelift techniques including a SMAS facelift, a mid-face lift, a thread lift, an S lift, a quick lift, a lunch time facelift, a mini facelift and a MACS but she just got confused. When she came for a facelift consultation she learned that she only needed a neck lift in order to deal with her issues which were her jowls and excess skin of her neck. A MACS facelift technique was used to do her neck lift. In this neck lift surgery, short scars are used or Minimal Access scars and the underlying tissue is suspended to the zygoma bone which is cranial bone, hence the term, Cranial Suspension. She has a rapid recovery neck lift and was able to get out shopping the next day with some makeup to cover her bruising.

Seattle Plastic Surgeon Dr. Brian Windle
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