Temporary Face Filler

This woman had a crease behind her chin that, from the side, made her look like she had a slight witches chin and she did not like it. Juvederm was used to see if a reasonable correction could be...Click here for more details
Not happy with the wrinkles or bar codes around her mouth or the laugh lines that had been getting deeper over the last few years, this woman decided to try a filler to see if that would help. ...Click here for more details
Upper eyelid surgery and Juvederm Voluma for lips.
Seeking relief from her tired look and...
Click here for more details
This 54 year old woman from the north Seattle WA area desired an overall softening effect to her lower facial region. We treated her nasolabial folds and marionette lines with Click here for more details
This 64 year old woman From Bellevue WA desired a younger looking face without doing a facelift. She also desired a longer term Click here for more details
This Bellevue WA woman desired facial rejuvenation to her nasolabial folds and marionette lines. She had not had fillers before. We chose to correct her with Click here for more details
This woman from Bellevue WA desired the lines around her mouth softened. She chose Juvederm Voluma as a temporary filler solution...Click here for more details
“I need my lips back!” is what this professional woman from King County exclaimed when she came into our Kirkland office. She wanted upper and Click here for more details
This woman from north Seattle desired improved softening of her nasolabial folds. She had no prior dermal filler experience and desired to proceed with a temporary filler, such as Juvederm. Click here for more details
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