Rhinoplasty | Nose Job

This woman did not like her nose shape and had wanted to have nose reshaping surgery for a long time but was mostly concerned about the recovery although she had heard that the cost for a...Click here for more details
Nose surgery to straighten my nose and get rid of the bump was a long time goal of this 30 year old woman. She spent a long time doing her research on the internet for experienced rhinoplasty or...Click here for more details
Rhinoplasty surgery or a nose job had been on this 22 year old woman’s nose for some time. She did not like how her nose shifted to one side, had a bulbous tip, had a small hump and seemed way...Click here for more details
“I do not like the hump on my nose” is what this 24-year old woman said when she came in for a rhinoplasty consultation. An evaluation showed that she also had a very weak chin and after...Click here for more details
Seeking a reduction in the size of her nose, this Kirkland, WA woman underwent a rhinoplasty or nose job that...Click here for more details
This woman from Seattle wanted nasal reduction surgery or rhinoplasty (nose job). She sought a top Seattle...Click here for more details
Bellafill after 4.5 yr for laugh lines and marionette lines. Cosmetic nose surgery revision or botched nose job...Click here for more details
This Seattle, WA woman was interested in a rhinoplasty. This procedure is also called a nose job. She did not...Click here for more details
After two prior rhinoplasties or nose jobs, this woman was very unhappy with the shape and look of the tip of her nose. She was wondering what could be done. A Click here for more details
Not wanting to have surgery, this woman wanted to improve the shape of her nose. She wanted to soften the hump and to balance her nose which she felt was slightly crooked. She chose to have a Click here for more details
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