Breast Augmentation Revision

After a breast augmentation 10 years prior and after having a baby, this 34 year old woman’s breast implant were not working very well for her. Her left breast implant was sitting too high. ...Click here for more details
This 55 year old woman had saline implants placed about 10 years prior to spontaneous breast implant deflation. She loved her breast implants and was anxious to get new ones placed. She was...Click here for more details
Breast implant revision can be challenging. This woman had saline breast implants placed a...Click here for more details
8 years after a breast augmentation with saline breast implants the left breast implant ruptured. Some women feel that saline is safer than silicone, however, the high rupture rate of saline...Click here for more details
Before and after breast augmentation photos showing a 54 year old woman who had saline breast augmentation 15 years prior. These implants were replaced with new saline breast implants 6 years...Click here for more details
This woman had a breast augmentation and then had children. During her pregnancy she gained more weight than she wanted to and the skin of her breasts stretched so that afterwards, her breasts...Click here for more details
Breast augmentation was something this 34 year old wanted 10 years prior, but she decide that she no longer wanted her saline breast implants. She wanted to be more natural and was worried that...Click here for more details
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