Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation with Sientra 480 MP breast implants placed above to muscle provide a natural feeling breast without animation. This patient says that she absolutely loves her breast...Click here for more details
This woman had Sientra textured breast implants placed above the muscle to avoid breast animation deformity. Her implants are round 485 cc gummy bear implants. She chose round because her...Click here for more details
An avid rock climber, this woman wanted a fast recovery so that she would not have to take much time off from climbing and a natural shape and feel to her breast implants if she was going to have...Click here for more details
Here is what this woman said about her breast augmentation. “I had lost a lot of weight and was very self-conscious in a bathing suit or dresses. Dr. Windle and his staff were wonderful...Click here for more details
Breast augmentation had been on this woman’s mind since having children. She said that she wanted her bigger fuller breasts that she had prior to having children back. She has 3 young children...Click here for more details
“I am so happy with my breast implants. I have lived my life hating the look of my breasts.” Is what this 38 year old mother said after she had her breast augmentation. She had Sientra...Click here for more details
After having children, this woman felt like her breasts had sagged and they were definitely smaller. Rather than have a lift which would have given her scars, she decided to have a breast...Click here for more details
Tired of having small breasts for her size, this 36 year old woman wanted to have a breast augmentation but was concerned about the recovery time. She chose to have the natural feeling, shaped...Click here for more details
Breast augmentation had been on her mind since she had children. After her pregnancies, her breasts lost a lot of volume. She simply wanted to get her old breast back. She is a runner and now...Click here for more details
Erin was interested in a Mommy Makeover surgery. She had lost a lot of volume in her breast after her pregnancies and some weight loss and no longer felt feminine. She really wanted larger...Click here for more details
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