Breast Augmentation

“I am so happy with my breast implants. I have lived my life hating the look of my breasts.” Is what this 38 year old mother said after she had her breast augmentation. She had Sientra...Click here for more details
This 26 year old woman was interested in a breast augmentation surgery and was particularly interested in the recovery. She was concerned because she had heard that the recovery tome could be...Click here for more details
“I want my pre-pregnancy breasts back!” is what this woman said her reason for getting a breast augmentation...Click here for more details
After having two children, this 34 year old Asian woman said that she had lost a lot of her breast tissue and wanted bigger breasts. She elected to have Sientra 350 cc shaped or tear drop breast...Click here for more details
This 22 year old woman was unhappy with the size of her breasts for her frame and especially unhappy with the asymmetry of her breasts. Her right breast was much smaller than her left breast. ...Click here for more details
This woman had Sientra textured breast implants placed above the muscle to avoid breast animation deformity. Her implants are round 485 cc gummy bear implants. She chose round because her...Click here for more details
Breast augmentation had been on this 36-year-old Bellevue woman\'s mind for years. She says that after her children she felt like she had lost the beautiful breasts she had prior to having her...Click here for more details
Breast augmentation is something this woman has always wanted. She had the natural feeling, new Click here for more details
Breast augmentation to get her pre-baby breast back was the goal of this 32 year old mother of 2 children. She said that she is very busy with taking care of her children as well as working and...Click here for more details
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