Breast Reduction Surgery

“My breast reduction has changed my life” is what this woman said about her breast reduction. Breast reduction surgery is one of the most gratifying surgeries that a plastic surgeon can...Click here for more details
A breast reduction or breast lift is something that this Seattle woman wanted for a long time. Now, after her...Click here for more details
Wanting her breasts up and a little smaller this 47 year old woman had a breast reduction and was thrilled with her...Click here for more details
This woman decided that she wanted to hike and be more active but her breasts were heavy and she felt they restricted her. She also axillary breast tissue that she did not like and wanted to get...Click here for more details
At 5’5” and 140 pounds this woman said that her chest constantly felt like she was carrying around two water melons. At the time of her Click here for more details
The very next day after surgery she was up and doing things. Her back and shoulders have not bothered her at all since surgery. She was able to wear clothing that fits her and she loves her new,...Click here for more details
This woman from the Seattle, WA area had large breasts and was interested in breast reduction surgery. She said...Click here for more details
This hair dresser did not like her large breasts. She said that they got in the way while she was working and she felt that they limited her work outs. She had a rapid recovery and said after...Click here for more details
This woman had large breasts and was interested in a breast reduction procedure. She was having problems with skin...Click here for more details
“I just hate my big breasts!” This woman felt self-conscious about her large breasts and wanted to look lighter. She had a rapid recovery Click here for more details
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